GreyHen Updates 2016

33 craftyatom: Fixed an issue where attempting to upload more than 10 files from your computer, or attempting to upload files from your computer that totaled more than 8MB in size, would either show a blank page or throw a 404 error.

In performing this fix, I have increased the maximum number of files that can be uploaded at once to 100 (was previously restricted to 20 by my old host). In theory, this allows uploads of a GB (100 files x 10MB each), but in practice, attempting to upload more than 128MB at once will likely cause errors.
32 craftyatom: Changed the landing page - no longer serves as both an image database and my portfolio, since the two were conflicting. I have moved my personal portfolio and projects to another site, and GreyHen is now fully image-focused.
31 craftyatom: Added a Patreon link to the bottom of the sidebar on the left.
30 craftyatom: Fixed a bug where files being checked in would display the wrong upload date if they were uploaded prior to November 27th, 2016.
28 craftyatom: Added the ability for users to go to the previous or next search page using the arrow keys. Implemented in the main and running sections.

Also fixed a bug where using the arrow keys to go from an individual image to one that didn't exist (i.e. being on the last image and trying to go to the next one) would show users a blank page.
27 craftyatom: Fixed an issue where ongoing votes on files in the Running section would not appear when a user clicked the "All Ongoing Votes" link on the Voting page.

Doing so will now show votes on all files (that obey the user's filters).
26 craftyatom: Fixed an issue where uploaded files with capitalized file extensions could break a bunch of stuff, even things unrelated to the file itself.
25 craftyatom: Added the Tag Parenting system, allowing the creation of parent-child relationships between tags, which will automatically add, remove, or create a vote for tags when their children are tagged/untagged.
24 craftyatom: Fixed an issue where images could be permanently hidden instead of being checked in from running to full.
23 craftyatom: Fixed an issue where moving files around within a pool could cause them to disappear or re-order, seemingly at random - this was caused by the database trying to move files to their new places before old files had been moved out of those places.
22 craftyatom: Added the "Back" button to the top of single pages. This button returns you to the search page which contains the file you were looking at.
21 craftyatom: Fixed an issue where the favorite star would not show up as grey if an image was in your favorites.
20 craftyatom: Added mouseover text to the statistics on the Stats page.
19 craftyatom: Fixed an issue where running files would not display links to the previous and next elements in their pools.
18 craftyatom: Made multifiles enter a 7-day running period just like normal files, to prevent the front page from clogging up with multifiles and their visible components.
17 craftyatom: Fixed voting via the voting page, which was broken in the file update earlier.
16 craftyatom: Added the "Error Codes" help page. For now, the only error codes in effect are those on the upload page, but more are to come.
15 craftyatom: Sanitized the Search Log page - attempting to search for what could be considered malicious text will now display a special message on the Search Logs.
14 craftyatom: Made a number of important changes to the way pools and multifiles work. Moderators can now select specific files within a multifile that will show up on their own as well. This does not change the behavior of the "multi" tag.

Searches interact better with pools now too, and multifiles can be tagged on their individual files rather than just the first one - searches will look through every file in a multifile.
13 craftyatom: Updated the way tags are displayed, saving 400 kB of space on the database and many lines of code. This change will also enable upcoming changes to pools and multifiles.
12 craftyatom: Fixed an issue where guests could edit associated pools - I have to admit, this one caught me off guard.
11 craftyatom: You can now upload multiple files from your computer at once - click the "Browse" button, shift- or control-click the files you want, and submit - they should all appear, one after the other, when you're done.
29 craftyatom: Note that this capability is currently limited to 20 files at a time, due to limitations set by my web host.
10 craftyatom: Fixed the "Associated Pools" statistic to not include empty pools.
8 craftyatom: Images that were appearing in a search multiple times, or which had a tag listed on them multiple times, have been fixed.

The root cause is believed to be multiple users triggering a voting update at the same time - code has been added which should prevent this from happening again, but we'll be following this issue closely in case it should pop up in future.
7 craftyatom: Moderators can now vote for multiple tags at a time with the "tag to vote" field.
5 craftyatom: Fixed an issue where users with filters would see no when performing an empty search.
9 craftyatom: *no images
4 craftyatom: Improved the Updates architecture - moved all new updates to GreySock, and added an index page where the old updates page was.
3 craftyatom: First bug fix of the year is the favorites star in the top left, which was accidentally being greyed out on some images even if they weren't in your favorites.

This was because the id in question fit in to one of your favorited ids; for example, favoriting file 234 would grey out the favorites star on files 2, 3, 4, 23, 34, and 234.

The issue has been completely resolved, and testing shows no edge cases or recurrences.
6 craftyatom: Top right, not top left, my bad.
2 craftyatom: This year starts off with a major overhaul on the back end of the website. I've changed the way tags, synonyms, and file-tag pairs are stored, which has reduced the number of tables from 313 to 12, reduced the size of the database by about 30 -40%, and reduced search times. It also enables some neat future upgrades, which may or may not come in handy.
1 craftyatom: Welcome to the GreyHen Updates 2016 Thread! This thread will list all updates made to the GreyHen Image Database over the year of 2016. To see updates from last year visit this link: