GreyHen Updates 2017

13 craftyatom: Changed tags to display in one of four colors: red for artist tags, purple for franchise tags, green for character tags, and cyan for all others.

Additionally, artist tags will now display at the top of most lists, followed by franchise tags, then character tags, and then all others.
12 craftyatom: Fixed an issue where trying to create an account could return an error.
11 craftyatom: Fixed an issue where images belonging to multifiles would display out of order on the Running page.
10 craftyatom: Fixed an issue where the arrow keys (and swipes on touchscreens) would not go from one file to the next/previous, although they still worked on search pages.
9 craftyatom: Added a comments section to the bottom of each file. Anyone can add a comment to any file, but guest users can only comment once every 5 minutes.
8 craftyatom: Fixed an issue where the thumbnails of GIF images would have strangely-colored borders on the right and bottom sides.

Also converted all GIF thumbnails to PNG thumbnails to preserve transparency and increase quality.
7 craftyatom: Made the front page automatically select the search field when the page is loaded.

It's the little things :)
6 craftyatom: Added a percentage value next to "soft" parents and children on tag pages. This value displays what percentage of the child's posts also end up including the parent.
4 craftyatom: Added left and right swiping functionality to allow mobile users to quickly swipe between pages/files.

This functionality should be present anywhere that arrow keys are handled.
5 craftyatom: Note that arrow key and swipe functionality is currently only enabled after the page has loaded completely due to browser and page loading restrictions.
3 craftyatom: Made the detected collisions display in order of similarity when checking in an image.
2 craftyatom: Fixed an issue where going to file #0 and then clicking "Back" would return you to a different page.
1 craftyatom: Fixed an issue where removing one file from a pool would cause others to disappear as well.